They say: ACT ART 6 – dying for it!

100 artists – 1 venue – 1 nite – 50 films/videos – 30 live artists + djs
Friday 7TH November 2008 between 7.30pm – 5am @ The Arches, 51-53 Southwark St, London, SE1 1RU
£8 nus/ £10 others b4 10pm/ £12 after or £10 advance q-jump tickets from

The 6th annual ACT ART event theme DYING FOR IT! Address’s what’s wrong with the world today. For example negative moral or ethical judgments, cruel, unjust and selfish human behaviour, war and diseases like Cancer and Aids. Poverty, famine and global warming caused by human actions, CCTV, censorship, celebrity culture, and the whole media circus that not only provides zero privacy to today’s people in the main stream public eye such as Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears, but also play a part in early loss of lives notably Princess Diana, Anna Nicole Smith and so on.

ACT ART is an international platform for artists working in all disciplines including performance –live art – film –video – installation – site specific – painting, drawing, and photography. ACT ART provides a testing ground for new experimental – radical – confrontational and non-mainstream work made by artists from different cultural backgrounds and genders and united by an interest in the body in the broadest sense. ACT ART was launched in 2003 in an attempt to create an art/ club event that celebrates difference and aims to programme work in alternative spaces away from the institutional art world/ gallery system.

PA + PERFORMANCES include Andy bell from Erasure fresh from the U.S. True Colors Tour who will be performing several of his world wide hits on the night as well as tracks from his debut album Electric Blue. French punk diva CHOSE CHATON performs on U.K. shores for the first time with his live & outrageously crude & chic brand of energetic queer core electro performance art, with his Mousseline Noire track fresh from its widely acclaimed release on DiscoLaLa Records, and anthem to the anti MySpace censorship protagonists. FERAL – one of the leading players of the KCTV generation and no stranger to the upper reaches of the club charts with her twisted punk/ragga electronic beats and masked appearance whose Dskasting track collaboration with DJ Gary Gecko recently getting its eagerly anticipated release. Now in her 6th year of hosting the main stage, Boyz magazine cover star TIMBERLINA form Vauxhallville – Stark Dallas Naked fame returns to the podium this year as the host, alongside ADELE ADDAMS’s electro- tango striptease. NINA SILVERT production entitled Milk fusing acrobatic, video and music collaborations with ex members of Leigh Bowery’s legendary band Minty. Live from Russia with love comes DEE MEE TREE who uses yogurt, chocolate, pig meat, chupa-chups, dead fish, not to mention vodka on a regular basis alongside beat-box, hip hop and the latest state-of-the-art technology to bring his live art performance to the ACT ART stage.

LIVE ART + PERFORMANCE ART includes exclusive new world premiers by RYAN STYLES – AA6 flyer star and voted by Jonny Woo as "a name to know" in the Star Makers feature in London’s Time Out magazine and SCOTTEE fresh from his Glastonbury Festival appearance. BRIAN ROUTH’s (one half of the infamous kipper kids) intimate and up close personal performance entitled ‘Cancer’. PARRY & MITCH present choreography of male bodies moving back and forth between desire and disgust, whilst using the stuff inside our bodies as a means of exploring attitudes towards power, control, tenderness and instinct.  NATHAN EVANS humorous puppet burlesque to parody H.R.H the Queen set to a rather apt soundtrack of Dancing Queen and God Save the Queen. Having just appeared in over 100 shows in N.Y.C LA JOHN JOSEPH returns to the U.K. to present a new monologue on child hood sex abuse and gendered bodies entitled My Dick is Just a Metaphor. LADY KITT encourages her audience to become a cyber muse in her interactive performance RE/CRE8. NEIL JEFFERIES performance Gin Series addresses the recent rise in binge drinking Britain. Armed with a large bottle of gin, a smart outfit and a collection of street furniture the artist address’s this issue. PAULA DAVY’s Relationship to M.O.M. looks at her mother who’s less than enthusiastic about her career. ALUN DAVIES audience participation Procreation invites the audience to create the work.

FILM + VIDEO screenings across 4 show-reels and several individual monitors and include Bruce Labruce’s Give Piece of Ass a Chance which is his first foray into lesbian cinema. CARON GEARY’s multi video series Swival in which her alter ego FERAL appears. According to the artist JIM HAVERCAMP Last Pack is about how smoking quitters never win. NICK HOOKER’s Soft Ordnance which much inspired the new anticipated Corporate Cannibal video by Grace Jones that the artist recently made. RUSSELL HILL’s How to Series is a humorous guide to everything from brushing your teeth to folding a tea towel – shining new light on the traditional how to be a perfect housewife. Two films that have done particularly well this annum are Forgotten Marriage which won the International Short Film Award and – Wedding Rituals which received this year’s Bell Canada AGH both of which are by TEREZA BUSKOVA and shot on super 8. Filmed live in Bran Castle, Transylvania SAINT ROXANNE undergoes a marriage to Satan in her darkly demonic work Saint. KATE PELLING’s Elvis in Pieces addresses greed and consumption, and KEVIN LOGAN’s Recitation addresses attitudes towards Muslims in a post 9/11 world.

PHOTOGRAPHY, PAINTING, INSTALLATION + SCULPTURE includes KAREL POLT’s digital images 24/7/9/11 featuring Bin Laden. BERIVAN SAYICI’s series showing the artist eating swastika shaped cookies. KRAIG WILSON’s ongoing investigation into the British ‘Chav’, Richard Sawdon Smith’s Art pos(t)er Aids Pos(t)er covers a body of work spanning the last 6 years – now presented in fly poster format. London Escort turned photographer Matt Spike exhibits his photos reflecting on the seedier side of role play and domination in the sex industry, as well as photographer of this year’s AA6 publicity image. Ves Pitts portraits of NYC downtown scene faces including Justin Bond, Dynasty Handbag and La John Joseph as well as intimate photos of regulars to the infamous NYC Lure Sex Club. Other artists showing works in this area include BRIAN LOBEL, MANUEL NOGUERA, JON PURNEL, RALPH DUNN, MAGDALENA SURANYI & SQUARE HEAD.

DJ’s include superstar DJ– MARK MOORE (S-Express/Electrogogo) alongside artist/DJ TATU (KCTV) who will rock AA6 until 5am with their eclectic mix of audio art ranging from disco to damn right dirty electro.

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