April 2011 – at Room Service

Room Service continues to be the sexiest gay party in London and Thursday's hotspot in Soho. It's a genuine cult brand and a diary staple for hot boys in the know. Boasting the hottest guys and coolest clubbers, *ROOM SERVICE* has hit the boyztown map so hard and fast because it offers something you said you wanted – kick-ass DJs, hot GoGo dancers and a boutique style club venue. Think a sexy, sweaty downtown New York vibe in London's hottest new hangout – bang in the middle of the original gay district. It's a no-nonsense night out. Listen to the hype, do an extra set of push-ups, pick out something sexy to wear (it'll come off anyway) and dial up for some Room Service, every Thursday night at Diu London.

Next month will see the creme of London's premiere party faces hosting the dance floor, such as Andrew Bannister, Dimitri Strigun, Elektra, Jack Lettis, JJ Clark, Kennedy Carter, Kingsley, Johanna, La Paequena, Maria Fernanda, Munroe Bergdorf, Naomi, Russella and Sasha Lee.  Another treat in store is the arrival of our new photographer, Dimitris Theocharis. Dimitris is internationally renowned for his work in fashion and editorial campaigns for publications such as Vogue and Harpers Bazaar…so make sure you figure out which is your best side!

In addition to this, the air is ripe with excitement about the advent of the long awaited ROOM SERVICE: PENTHOUSE parties taking place over the summer. Entry to these events will be available only to the privileged holders of the Room Service Upgrade Card which will be handed to customers at events over the next few weeks. 

Here's what's coming up

31.3 – DJ's Fidel and Fat Tony – photos by Dimitris Theocharis

7.4 – DJ's Tom Stephan and James Pople – photos by Dimitris Theocharis
14.4 – DJ's Steve Pitron and Severino – 'UPGRADE CARD LAUNCH PARTY – This most desirable item to have in one's wallet boast a multitude of advantages. Not only will you gain access to the exclusive ROOM SERVICE: PENTHOUSE parties but presenting the card will give you priority entry to all Room Service events, which will get you in quicker and cheaper. And that's just for starters… stay tuned for desert. Photos by Dimitris Theocharis

21.4 – DJ's James Pople – Kris Di Angelis – Arial. 'EASTER SERVICE PARTY' plus the Supermartxe pre-party – going late to 5am – photos by Dimitris Theocharis

28.4 – 'WEDDING SERVICE' - Extra special DJ line-up TBA – going late to 5am – photos by Dimitris Theocharis

Please beware – everyone wants to order Room Service. DIU is an intimate, boutique venue and once it's full, it's full. Please check-in early, and we hope you have a pleasant stay. Doors open at 10pm. 

Facebook Group >>>>>> Club Room Service

£5 before 11pm
General admission – £10

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