RUT at Hoist

They say:
RUT on a Saturday. After 3 successful Fridays RUT temporarily moves to a Saturday.
RUT takes over the Hoist and Fetish Freak arch for 2 arches of hot leather/rubber and dirty electro/tribal sounds.
With DJs Jon Delano (The Cock, Electrogogo, Backstreet) and the mysterious masked Dick Rock.
Strict dress code:
Leather and rubber only. No jeans (except under chaps), no combats, no skin gear, no naked, no trainers, no uniform, no sports kit, no fashion leather.
Our dress code enforcer will turn away those not in proper gear.
Date: Saturday May 23rd 10.30 PM – 5 AM
Entry: £10
Venue:   The Hoist/Fetish Freak. Arches 47b + 47c South Lambeth Rd, Vauxhall, London, SW8
Website: or Join RUT CLUB group on facebook

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